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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend the program?

Any high school student can take classes at the Morgan County Christian Learning Center, however this program is mainly geared towards students that attend Morgan County High School. The only requirement for taking any course offered by the CLC is written permission from a parent or guardian. We welcome all high school students to be a part of our CLC program that is offered free of charge. 


Who is the teacher?

Mason Jarrett, click here to see more information on our teacher.




Who sponsors the program?

The financial resources for this program come from generous benefactors including individuals, churches, foundations and businesses.  We receive no money from the school, county or federal government.  If you are interested in giving to MCCLC please click here.




How is this program legal?

In 1952 the Supreme Court upheld Release Time Religious Education as being constitutional in all 50 states. Justice Williams O. Douglas, speaking for the majority, concluded that the first amendment prohibits governmental financing of religion or in taking religious instruction, it does not require the government to be hostile toward religion. So in 1952, the United States Supreme court approved Release Time Education.

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